Miami Vice Performer
Steve Plunkett (vocals/guitar)
Steve Lynch (guitar)
Randy Rand (bass)
Steve Isham (keyboards)
Keni Richards (drums)

Autograph was a metal band whose song "Turn Up the Radio" appeared in the episode "Little Prince" of the show Miami Vice.


Autograph was originally a solo project for guitarist Steve Plunkett in 1983, but his friends Steve Lynch, Randy Rand, Steve Isham and Keni Richards joined in and the group got its' big break when they toured with Van Halen on their 1984 concerts (since Richards was good friends with then-lead singer David Lee Roth). They quickly got a record deal and released their debut album, Sign In Please in 1984, and their first single, "Turn Up the Radio", became their signature song and their only Top 30 single. They returned to the road in 1985, opening for Heart and Mötley Crüe, but their second album, That's The Stuff, did not sell as well as their debut. Their third album, released in 1987, Loud and Clear, did even worse than the other two albums and their record deal fell apart soon after. When they failed to secure a new record deal, the group broke up in 1989. In 2002 Plunkett revived Autograph with a new lineup and released their sixth album, Buzz in 2003, but disbanded in 2005 after one album. Isham died in 2008 of liver disease. The surviving members reunited in 2013 minus Plunkett and Richards, and in 2016 their seventh album, Louder, was released. In 2017 Keni Richards died, leaving three original members of the band.

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