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Goon of Joey Wyatt
Deceased, hit by car fleeing from Metro-Dade Detective James "Sonny" Crockett
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Arzola was a goon of the drug dealer Joey Wyatt, mainly used as muscle or to direct traffic, such as when a raid was done on Wyatt's home in 1987 by Metro-Dade Vice, Arzola raced to the roof and waved off a helicopter loaded with 100 kilos of cocaine, only to have the dope dumped into the ocean. Later Arzola was paid $100,000 by Wyatt (with information supplied by Rudy Ramos) to blow up the Metro-Dade evidence warehouse, where all the info on Wyatt is stored, killing three policemen inside. Arzola was later confronted by Crockett who offered him a deal for information, but Arzola fled, right into the path of an oncoming car, killing him on impact.