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Arturo Uribe


Retired Detective
Deceased, killed by Martillo Borrasca's men with machetes
Episode Appeared In
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Arturo Uribe was a retired detective, previously working with Metro-Dade Lieutenant Martin "Marty" Castillo, and remained friends after his retirement. Uribe wanted to work as a carpenter, and brought in an apprentice, Joey (about 10–11 years old) to help him. In 1988 Castillo visited Uribe asking a favor, to get on board a ship stolen by Martillo Borrasca and his men to find out their next move. Uribe does so, but while on the ship he makes a noise hitting a deck latch and has to jump overboard. The men suspect who it was and one night, before Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs and Stan Switek can get to Uribe's place, a group of Borrasca men, armed with machetes, kills both Joey and Uribe in very brutal fashion.