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Arturo Dominguez


South Beach Lieutenant
Commander of Special Operations Squad (SOS)
Deceased, shot dead along with his wife by Colon and his gang
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Arturo Dominguez is a Lieutenant with the South Beach Police, and commander of the Special Operations Squad (SOS). Dominguez brought in twelve Cubanos (due to the 1980 McDuffie riots, pressure was placed to hire more minorities) and formed SOS to stem the flow of drugs through the Miami River. However, many of the Cubanos came from the boat lift, and had criminal records. Four of them (Colon, Andohar, Merez, and Perez) were in the same gang from Little Havana, and formed their own gang within SOS, they brought in Montana Stone, another South Beach detective, as lookout, and they began raiding drug dealers, killing the dealers and stealing their drugs, cash, and bling, which they divided up among the five of them. Dominguez suspected gang activity, but since bling was taken, that theory changed to an inside job, briefly even he came under scrutiny due to his luxurious lifestyle (like having a yacht on a lieutenant's salary), but Dominguez "married well", the money comes from his wife. Dominguez began to suspect his own squad, especially after a snitch told him cops were doing the raids, then turned up dead. But before he could begin taking action, the four SOS cops, led by Colon (whom Dominguez once arrested then brought onto the force), snuck onto Dominguez's yacht and shot he and his wife dead.