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Arcángel de Jesús Montoya


Fled prosecution, whereabouts unknown
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Arcángel de Jesús Montoya was the leader of a Montoya cartel based in Paraguay. Owing to his position as an incredibly wealthy and powerful leader of an illicit multinational operation, he rarely left his home in Paraguay, only once travelling to meet Crockett and Tubbs in Haiti at the inauguration of their business deal, telling them that, whatever the outcome of their employment, they will probably never meet again. Instead, the majority of his business was conducted through his Lieutenant José Yero. He was in a relationship with his cartel's accountant, Isabella, although he showed no qualms at ordering her to seduce Crockett in order to acquire information from him. He was last seen ordering Yero to eliminate Crockett and Tubbs after being falsely informed by him that they were attempting to double cross him; when law enforcement officers stormed his house in Paraguay following Yero's death, Montoya had already fled.