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Antoni Corone
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Antoni Corone made his acting debut as South Beach policeman Tommy Solen in the episode "Whatever Works", George Sordoni, agent for gambler Oswaldo Guzman in the episodes "Down for the Count (Part I)" and Part II, and as an unnamed Fed in the episode "Blood & Roses" of the show Miami Vice.


After his debut Vice appearance, Corone appeared in the TV shows B.L. Stryker (with Ismael "East" Carlo), Walker Texas Ranger, The Fugitive (with Mykelti Williamson), Oz (with Matthew Cowles, Terry Kinney and Kevin Conway), All My Children the TV movie Recount (with Bob Balaban and Gary Basaraba), Graceland, and his most recent TV appearance, in the series' Daredevil (with Vincent D'Onofrio)

Corone's movie career is extensive, starting in 1986's Band of the Hand (with Michael Carmine, Al Shannon, Paul Calderon, Laurence Fishburne, and James Remar, directed by Paul Michael Glaser), then appearing in Masterblaster (with Julian Byrd and Raymond Forchion), Cape Fear, The Specialist (with Mario Ernesto Sanchez), Excessive Force (with Burt Young), Striptease (with Paul Guilfoyle and Ving Rhames), Gone Fishin' (with Lynn Whitfield and Willie Nelson), Wild Things (with Marc Macaulay), Bad Boys II, Percentage (with Ving Rhames and Malinda Williams), Assumed Killer (with Marc Macaulay), and his most recent appearance, 2017's The Little Mermaid.