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Anthony Yerkovich
Miami Vice Producer
Six episodes, Season 1 (co-executive producer)
Miami Vice film (executive producer)
Miami Vice Writer

Anthony Yerkovich was the creator of the Miami Vice television series, and the man credited with proposing the original concept. He also wrote the show's pilot episode "Brother's Keeper", and served as co-executive producer (with Michael Mann) on the first six episodes of the first season and executive producer on the 2006 film adaptation of the television series.


Yerkovitch began his career as writer for Starsky & Hutch (with David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, and Antonio Fargas) before moving to 240-Robert, Hart to Hart, Hill Street Blues (wrote thirty-one episodes, served as producer for eighteen and supervising producer for seventeen), Hollywood Confidential (with Angela Alvarado and Edward James Olmos), and produced the Miami Vice movie in 2006.