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Everything Is Wrong
Richard Melville Hall
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Running in Yero's load and going to save Trudy at the trailer park
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"Anthem" is a song by Moby, featured on the album Everything Is Wrong in 1995. A remix of the song, known as the "Cinematic Version", appeared in the Miami Vice film.


  • The "Cinematic Version" used in the film was originally released on Moby's Everything Is Wrong: Non-Stop DJ Mix remix album in 1996.
  • Despite the "Cinematic Version" featuring in the film, the accompanying soundtrack album features the original version of the song, not the mix actually heard in the movie.
  • During the sequence in which the song is used many shots have all sound effects removed, leaving only the music playing and giving the shots a dream-like quality. This is a technique that director Michael Mann often uses in his films and can be seen several times in the Miami Vice television series.
  • The song is followed in the film by a reprise, recorded especially for the movie and played by studio musicians. A similar technique was used in the episode "The Lost Madonna" of the TV series, in which Eric Clapton's "She's Waiting" is followed by a specially-composed instrumental 'extension'.
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