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Angelo Alvarez


Drug Dealer
Brother of Ernesto and Enrique Alvarez
Presumably incarcerated, murder of Helen Jackson
Episode Appeared In
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Angelo Alvarez was a drug dealer, managing a group of crack houses with his brothers Ernesto and Enrique. In 1989 the Alvarez brothers were at a restaurant ran by a Nazi death camp survivor, Sy, when someone arrived and began shooting, killing Sy, Ernesto, and Enrique, but not Angelo, who left just before the shooter came in. When police confronted Alvarez, he thought the Diablos and Fuentes gangs were behind the killings, and helped bring them down. But Alvarez found out that Helen Jackson, daughter of a Nazi war camp leader named Hans Kozak, was behind the shootings (his brothers were in the wrong place at the wrong time, her real target was Sy) and shot Jackson dead as she was being taken into custody. As Alvarez fled he was shot and wounded by police, and was presumably incarcerated for murdering Jackson.