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Andy Taylor


Miami Vice Performer
February 16, 1961, Cullercoats, England

Andrew Taylor (born February 16, 1961, Cullercoats, England) is an English guitarist and vocalist, whose song "When the Rain Comes Down" appeared in the episode "Stone's War" of the show Miami Vice.


For Taylor's career in Duran Duran, see Duran Duran Career.

For Taylor's career in The Power Station, see The Power Station.

Taylor joined Duran Duran in 1980, and, thanks to MTV, became American as well as UK superstars. Duran Duran's videos received heavy MTV airplay (except "Girls on Film", due to its' content, it was heavily edited for MTV release) and they reached the Billboard Top 20 on the singles chart ten times (with two #1s) in four years. During a 1985 hiatus, he joined The Power Station with fellow Duran Duran member John Taylor, Chic drummer Tony Thompson, and singer Robert Palmer. Their debut album reached the Top 10 with two Top 10 singles, "Some Like It Hot" and "(Bang a Gong) Get It On", and the group appeared on Miami Vice in the episode "Whatever Works" in 1986. The band appeared at Live Aid, but Palmer left to pursue his revitalized solo career and Michael Des Barres joined as lead singer, both at Live Aid and on Vice. Taylor later performed guitar on Palmer's solo album Riptide. Later, Duran Duran and Taylor parted ways, and he began a solo career. He recorded his solo album, Thunder, in 1987 (featuring Steve Jones on guitar). Taylor also recorded songs for the movie American Anthem ("Take It Easy"), and the Miami Vice II soundtrack ("When the Rain Comes Down). Dangerous was Taylor's second solo album, recorded in 1990. In 1994 The Power Station reunited, but Thompson passed away before the album was finished and John Taylor was in rehab, so the album was completed as a trio. Duran Duran reunited in 2001 and Taylor was part of it for two albums before he left again in 2006. In 2008 Taylor wrote the book Wild Boy: My Life In Duran Duran, where he told of the link between the band and MTV, the drug and alcohol habits, and his other works with the Power Station, Jones, and Rod Stewart.