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Andy Sloan


Public defender
Adversary of James "Sonny" Crockett
Defended Eddie Rivers
Played By

Andy Sloan (born 1956) was an unscrupulous public defender in Miami who moved into private practice. He was assigned to Eddie Rivers when the teenager was busted trying to sell drugs to Diego Moya.


Sloan and Crockett first butted heads over a case involving a dealer named Rojas -- after Crockett busted Rojas, Sloan was assigned to the case, and suddenly produced multiple "professional" witnesses who ensured the dealer was let off; Crockett later arrested one of the witnesses on an unrelated charge and learned that all involved had been bought with Rojas' cocaine, including Sloan, who received a kilo. Although Crockett could not prove Sloan's crimes in court, he developed a strong animosity towards the unscrupulous lawyer.

Later, Sloan was assigned the case of Eddie Rivers, whom Crockett and Tubbs had busted for possession of a Santería statue packed with drugs. Sloan duly instructed Rivers not to make any deals with Crockett as the Vice cop frequently backed out on plea bargains he made, seemingly seeking to undermine Crockett's investigation for no reason other than spite. An enraged Crockett found Sloan in a downtown Miami bar and literally dragged him back to OCB to admit to Eddie that he was wrong about Crockett.