Alpha Centauri
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Alpha Centauri
Tangerine Dream
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Burnett's dream sequence with him and Tubbs in coffins
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"Alpha Centauri" is a song by Tangerine Dream, featured on the album Alpha Centauri in 1971. It appeared in the Miami Vice episode "Mirror Image".


  • "Alpha Centauri" is the final song of Miami Vice's fourth season.
  • Only a small portion of the track is featured in the episode as the full song is over 22 minutes in length.
  • This is one of the early examples of Electronica or experimental music. The entire B-side of the album is the song "Alpha Centauri".
  • Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to our own, and is frequently used as a point of reference in science fiction, especially in the Star Trek universe, as the individual who invented Warp Drive, Zefram Cochrane, was born there.
  • Michael Mann employed Tangerine Dream to compose the score for his first ever feature film, Thief (which featured Chuck Adamson, Dennis Farina, Willie Nelson, John Santucci and Tom Signorelli), as well as his little-known second feature The Keep.


  • Edgar Froese – guitar, organ, bass, coffee machine, composer
  • Steve Schroyder – organ, voice, echo machines, iron stick.
  • Christopher Franke – drums, percussion, flute, zither, piano, VCS3
  • Udo Dennebourg – flute, voice
  • Roland Paulyck – synthesizer
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