Alonzo Stevens

Alonzo Stevens
Deceased, committed suicide on freeway
Appeared In
Played By
John Hawkes

Alonzo Stevens was a street informant who originally worked for Crockett and Tubbs before they passed him on to the FBI in Miami, lead by John Fujima. While working with Fujima's men, who were trying to take down the Aryan Brotherhood in Miami, he was contacted by the Aryans and informed that they suspected they were working with the FBI. They also told him that they had his wife at their home, and that she would be released unharmed if he tells them the truth. He admitted that they were dealing with undercover agents, even though he knew doing so would be their death sentence. Distraught, he rushed to find his wife at their home, telephoning Crockett en route to confess. Crockett and Tubbs immediately passed the information on to Fujima before chasing Alonzo down on the freeway to discuss what had happened. While there, Tubbs received a phone call telling him that Alonzo's wife was already dead, and Alonzo, unable to bear the loss of his love on top of his betrayal of the federal agents he had been working with, stepped out in front of a semi-trailer truck, killing himself.

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