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Alicia Mena


News Reporter
Deceased, killed by O'Hara trying to obtain Ira Stone's tape
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Alicia Mena was a reporter for an unnamed Miami TV station. Very efficient in her job, she reluctantly bought Ira Stone's tape of Maynard's paramilitary operations in Nicaragua because her sources there mentioned no such operations existed, and was particularly skeptical that Crockett brought her the tape instead of Stone. When Maynard kidnapped Stone and held him for the return of the tape, Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs requested Alicia return the tape so Stone would be released unharmed, she initially refused, but relented to make a copy for Crockett after Tubbs spoke with her. Later, Alicia was alone in her office when Maynard's goon O'Hara arrived demanding her tape, when she refused, O'Hara killed her and erased every tape in her office.