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Alicia Austin


Girlfriend of Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
Survived being shot by Orlando Calderone on St. Gerard
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Alicia Austin was the girlfriend of Metro-Dade Vice Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs when he won a trip to St. Gerard in a raffle drawing in 1987. But they found the "vacation" was a ruse to get Tubbs out of Miami (and out of his jurisdiction) by his old enemy Orlando Calderone to finish Tubbs for good. Alicia, very headstrong, insisted that her & Tubbs enjoy their vacation despite the presence of Orlando, his cousin Xavier, and Leon Wolf, a convicted murderer Tubbs put away in 1986 only to be "paroled" (release bought by Orlando). But with the impending confrontation between Tubbs and his enemies, Alicia first decided to leave (as to not distract Tubbs from his mission) but then stayed behind and was able to grab a gun from Xavier's body (after he was killed by Tubbs) and use it to kill Wolf, but Orlando found Alicia and held her hostage to force Tubbs to surrender, but Alicia broke away and ran, allowing Tubbs to kill Orlando, but not before Alicia was shot, but survived and Tubbs carried her into the hotel with the assumption they would be leaving shortly thereafter.