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Alice Carson


United States Attorney
Lead Prosecutor of mobster Frank Mosca
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Alice Carson is a United States Attorney and the lead prosecutor in the case against mob boss Frank Mosca in 1987 on murder and racketeering charges. Carson painstakingly planned out Mosca's case, and provided valuable information in an attempt to prevent a mistrial, which would allow more witnesses to "disappear". Carson used her influence to gain a release for the informant Terry Rivers in an obvious Mosca setup, but was unsuccessful as Rivers was killed before he could be released. Unfortunately, Carson's efforts went for naught as Mosca's men managed to get a briefcase full of money into the trunk of a car owned by Juror #7, with a note indicating the money was placed to influence his vote, which resulted in a mistrial. In 1988, Carson was trying to indict Mosca again, but decided to wait while Metro-Dade's ongoing undercover operation involving Gina Calabrese proceeded, provided information was exchanged, but Carson's case ended when Mosca was killed.