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Ali Ferrand


Prostitute working for Caprice Escort Service
Deceased, strangled by two of Kenneth Togaru's goons
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Ali Ferrand was a prostitute working for the Caprice Escort Service. Her favorite client was the financier/money launderer Charles Symington, who she was about to have a hook-up with when two goons hired by another money launderer, Kenneth Togaru, threw Symington over a balcony to his death and Ali, witnessing their arrival, fled for her life, ending up at the home of her madam, Christine Von Marburg, who gave her protection. Later, Vice detective James "Sonny" Crockett, investigating Symington's murder, found Ali had provocative pictures made at De La Moreno, which was Izzy Moreno's newest enterprise. Crockett got Ali's information from him, but so did the goons looking for her. Christine asked Ali to leave her place for a rendezvous with Crockett, and Ali went to her place, but waiting for her were the two Togaru goons, who strangled her to death to prevent her testifying as to Symington's demise.