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Alfredo Giulinni is a mobster based in Las Vegas, but has operations all over the country, including the southeast. Described by the FBI (who has him under surveillance) as "Godzilla" and "a combination of Bugsy Siegel and Charles Manson", Giulinni is ruthless when it comes to his money and his territory. He began noticing a lot of his gambling money was being lost to Oswaldo Guzman, who was running and betting on fights in Miami, which he perceives to be his territory, and sends his goon Vespa to check on Guzman and two satellite sports players, Burnett and Cooper. Vespa told Giluinni about Guzman and his lawyer, George Sordoni, placing the bets and making big money each time. Giulinni brings Sordoni over and threatens his family if he doesn't cooperate. Giluinni then works out a deal with Burnett and Cooper for satellite television, canceling their other deal with Guzman, which then brings Guzman to order a hit on Giluinni. Sordoni informs Giluinni of this, and after finding out just how big a bath he was taking on boxing ($1 million over six months, courtesy of a printout Switek delivered) Giluinni orders a hit on Guzman at Guzman's jewelry shop/backroom gambling office.