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Alfred Molina


Miami Vice Character
Esther Nevin's Attorney ("The Big Thaw")
May 24, 1953, London, England
Jill Gascoine (1986-present), two children
One daughter from previous relationship

Alfred Molina (born May 24, 1953, London, England) is a British-American actor who made his American TV debut as the unnamed attorney for Esther Nevin, widow of deceased reggae artist Robillard Nevin in the episode "The Big Thaw" of the series Miami Vice.


Molina began on British television and screen in the 1970s into the early 1990s, but made his American film debut in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Other movie appearances include Ladyhawke, White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf (with Matthew Cowles), Maverick (with Dan Hedaya), Dead Man (with Iggy Pop), Species (with Michael Madsen), Boogie Nights (with Luis Guzman and Philip Baker Hall), The Man Who Knew Too Little (with Nicholas Woodeson), The Imposters (with Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci), Chocolat, as Dr. "Doc Ock" Octopus in Spider-Man 2, The Da Vinci Code, The Pink Panther 2, The Tempest (with David Strathairn), The Forger, Monsters University (with Steve Buscemi), The Prophet (with Liam Neeson), Secret in Their Eyes (with Julia Roberts), Ralph Breaks the Internet (with Ed O'Neill), and Vice.

His American TV career continued after Vice with appearances in The Wild Throneberrys, Ladies Man, Law and Order: SVU (with Richard Belzer, episode with David Thornton), Law and Order: Trial by Jury, and Monk before beginning his regular role as D.A. Ricardo Morales in Law and Order: Los Angeles, which lasted one season (2010-11), then appeared in the TV series' Monday Mornings (with Ving Rhames), Feud (with Tucci), and I Feel Bad. Molina also made several appearances as a voice actor in Robot Chicken and Summer Camp Island.

Personal Life

Molina married British actress Jill Gascoine in 1986, he is step-father to Jill's sons Adam and Sean from her previous marriage, and Jill is step-mother to Molina's daughter Rachel (born 1980) from his previous relationship.