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Alexander Dykstra


Money Launderer
Deceased, shot dead by Steve Duddy after Dykstra shot a video monitor of an armed Duddy
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Alexander Dykstra was a money launderer, taking tons of excess cash from varied criminals and launders it into worldwide banks in exchange for a fee. Dykstra has a record of currency violations in a number of countries, including a Greek indictment on a Ponzi scheme. He would also be considered obsessive-compulsive, having a constant fear of being watched, using expensive alarm systems, later hiring a "sweeper", Steve Duddy, to help him find electronic bugs in his house, also using other devices Duddy had, including a voice stress analyzer which was used to test, then kill, his girlfriend Trace. He killed another launderer, McGregor, after working out a deal with him, later Dykstra discovered that Duddy was working both for him and the police, Alexander and his goons go to Duddy's home to kill him, but Duddy's home is electronically monitored so he is aware of Dykstra's presence, and shoots down one of his goons, then Dykstra himself when he shoots at a monitor showing a tape of Duddy holding a gun.