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Alejandro Gutierrez


Lieutenant in Manolo organization
Deceased, shot dead by Sonny Burnett in 1988
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Alejandro Gutierrez was a lieutenant in Miguel Manolo's drug empire, who by 1988 had designs on going into business for himself. His first major step in this regard was to use a peace conference aboard a boat between Manolo's people and some of Manolo's main rivals as an opportunity to eliminate a sizeable chunk of Miami's influential dealers. James "Sonny" Crockett (posing as Sonny Burnett) was also undercover at the meeting, attempting to convince Gutierrez that his boss, Manolo, was planning on cutting him out of his business, hoping to use the suspicion such rumours would cause to further his investigation. However, Gutierrez had planted a bomb on the boat, and despite trying to warn Burnett away with him, the resultant explosion left Crockett with severe head trauma, as well as killing everyone else on board. Crockett, now suffering from amnesia and, convinced by Manolo's people that he really was Burnett, went to work for the dealer. Gutierrez continually pressed him for the information he had promised him before his injury, but Burnett brushed him off, apparently unwilling to side with Gutierrez now that his allegiances had changed; Particularly after Burnett caught Gutierrez in a lie when he attempted to fake an injured arm which he claimed to have received in the explosion only for Burnett to note he saw Gutierrez lighting a cigar with that same arm as he took Burnett to the hospital. After this incident, Burnett eventually revealed to Manolo that it was Gutierrez who had planted the bomb, and Manolo set up a false drug deal so that, on his signal, Burnett could shoot Gutierrez dead.