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Police Chief Albury


Chief of Police, St. Andrews Island
In jail, conspiracy with Esteban Calderone
Played By

Albury (born 1944) was Chief of Police on St. Andrews Island in The Bahamas who worked as an informant for drug lord Esteban Calderone.

His double-dealing was uncovered when he attempted to sell out Crockett and Tubbs to Calderone, and he was arrested by his own police force and incarcerated for his crimes.


When Crockett and Tubbs arrived on St. Andrews Island in pursuit of Calderone, Albury did his best to stall them with false information, claiming to know nothing of Calderone's whereabouts while offering them the full assistance of his police force. In fact, he went straight to Calderone and informed the drug lord of their true identities, leading to several attempts on their lives that eventually led to Crockett being kidnapped by Calderone's men. Brought to Calderone's expansive villa, Crockett found Albury enjoying the drug dealer's hospitality. After Calderone's death, Albury was arrested on conspiracy charges and was presumably incarcerated for his crimes.