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Albert Szarbo


Professional criminal
Deceased, killed by Boon Phratek
Played By

Albert Szarbo was a professional criminal who had engaged in a wide range of crimes during the course of his career. He and his accomplice were hired by General Lao Li to rob a hotel security vault, not realising their target was immigration visas allowing Li to move his family to Miami.

After successfully pulling of the raid, Szarbo betrayed Lao Li and attempted to make off with the loot alone, but was killed by Boon Phratek, an assassin dispatched by Li to clean up the affair.


Hotel job

A prolific career criminal, Szarbo's file was said to contain every felony on the book except robbery. Nevertheless, Szarbo and his Asian accomplice were hired by General Lao Li to rob the safety deposit vault at a hotel where Crockett and Tubbs were coincidentally working undercover to try a break a prostitute extortion scam being run by dirty cops; in fact, Crockett and Tubbs impressed Szarbo so much in their undercover roles as security-turned-pimps, he actually approached them offering a cut of the deal if they helped him pull it off. The Vice cops agreed, and showed Szarbo and his accomplice around the hotel security vault so that they could plan their break-in.

Unknown to Crockett and Tubbs, and having surmized that the documents they had been ordered to steal must have been valuable to warrant the trouble Lao Li was going to to get them, Szarbo and his cohort planned to betray Li and make off with their loot themselves, hoping to sell it on for a profit. To this end, Szarbo contacted Detective Herb Ross, one of the men running the prostitution racket at the hotel, to set up an out after the job.


Szarbo and his accomplice hit the vault before Crockett and Tubbs were notified, leaving the cash and expensive jewellery and making off with the file they had been told to acquire. They took their loot to a motel in the city; while waiting for Ross to make contact, they were shocked discover the papers they had stolen were merely immigration visas. However, before the two thieves could escape Miami, they were found by Boon Phratek, an assassin sent by Li to clean up the mess, who killed and butchered them as a warning to others not to betray Li as they had done.