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Owner of chain of steakhouses/strip clubs
Member of yazuka
Left in disgrace after losing fight with Kenji Fujitsu
Episode Appeared In
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Agawa (Nihongo: 阿川, Agawa) was an owner of a chain of steakhouses in Japan, then joined the yazuka and became right-hand man to Riochi Tanaka in his gang. He was also the killer of the CEO of AveryTec, W. Colton Avery, when he blocked an attempt by Tanaka's companies for a hostile takeover of Avery's company. Later he brought in Metro-Dade Detectives Gina Calabrese and Trudy Joplin to work in his strip club (while they worked undercover to find out about Tanaka), but their cover was blown by Detective Ernest Haskell, but is prevented from killing them by the presence of Kenji Fujitsu, who is looking for him. Fujitsu and Agawa engage in a samurai fight, which Agawa lost, but Detective Martin "Marty" Castillo prevents Fujitsu from performing the killing blow to allow Agawa to live in disgrace for losing.