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Adonis Jackson


Drug Dealer
Working for Ramon Lopez de Hoyas
Incarcarated, drug possession/distribution
Episode Appeared In
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Adonis Jackson is a drug dealer and friend to David Jones. Jackson (according to OCB intelligence) is approaching mid-level management in the Roman Lopez de Hoyas cartel, and is particularly ruthless in his dealings. He was making moves on Jones' girlfriend Trudy Joplin but decided to see about making a drug deal with her. Joplin at first declines, but later decides to set him up with Sonny Burnett for a three kee deal. Jackson is having trouble raising money to get his drugs, so he takes half of the total agreed-to delivery from de Hoyas and uses powder for the rest to make it look like the real item. When Jackson and Crockett complete their deal in Jones' club, Trudy moves to arrest Jackson, but he throws the drugs/powder in Crockett's face and is preparing to go after Trudy when Crockett recovers and busts Jackson, who gives up every name in the book except de Hoya. Jackson's bust results in Jones breaking up with Trudy, feeling used by his girlfriend to get to his friends.