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The 1985 Pepsi commercial was a television commercial for the Pepsi soft drink that starred Don Johnson as James "Sonny" Crockett, alongside Glenn Frey (who had previously appeared in the Miami Vice episode "Smuggler's Blues") as his partner.



Don Johnson & Glenn Frey 1986 Pepsi Commercial

The Pepsi commercial

In the commercial, Crockett and Frey are cruising Miami in Crockett's Berlinetta Boxer when Frey's confused and conflicting directions lead Crockett to drive through a large pool of standing water down a deserted road, stalling his car. Frey gets out and attempts to fix the Ferrari, but to no avail. Frustrated at the situation, Crockett turns off the radio, which is playing Frey's song "You Belong to the City", but they continue to hear the track playing somewhere nearby, causing Frey to exclaim, "That's my song!"

They follow the music to a nearby nightclub, inside which the DJ is also playing "You Belong to the City". When he sees Crockett and Frey standing in the doorway, he drops his can of Pepsi on his turntable in shock, causing the song to stop. The entire crowd turns to see Crockett and Frey, and the former asks if there is a mechanic in the house. Everyone offers their assistance enthusiastically, while the DJ begins playing a promotional jingle for Pepsi. As the club's occupants dance enthusiastically, a young man points out to Crockett he is wearing a linen jacket and pastel T-shirt just like him.

Back outside, one of the women from the club gets Crockett's Ferrari going again. Frey and Crockett thank her, and she leans in to kiss Crockett, much to his amusement and Frey's annoyance. However, Crockett's moment of victory is short lived when he notices she has left an oily hand print on the shoulder of his jacket. Two members of the crowd help to push-start Crockett's car and he and Frey head off into the night.


  • Crockett's car in the commercial is a black Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer, continuing his association with Ferrari automobiles.
  • Philip Michael Thomas was also supposed to appear in the commercial as Tubbs, but prior obligations to a Sunkist Grape commercial prevented this.
  • The commercial was directed by Ridley Scott, director of famous movies such as Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator and Black Hawk Down.