Several "fake" songs composed by Jan Hammer and Tim Truman appeared during the course of Miami Vice as part of the show's soundtrack. These instrumental tracks, unlike the majority of the soundtrack cues created by the series' composers, were specifically designed to appear as though they were pieces of popular music playing within the show's fictional world, audible to the characters involved. Most appear only as brief snippets, but some are longer pieces played over entire scenes.

"Fake" songs such as these were likely used as a money-saving measure -- obtaining the rights to outside works by popular musicians would be considerably more expensive (and perhaps time-consuming) than simply having the show's in-house composer create an instrumental song themselves. In cases where only a very brief snippet of music was needed, this cheaper alternative was an obvious choice. Notably, such tracks became far more prevalent during season 5 of Miami Vice, by which point the show's budget had been reduced and there would have been considerably less money available for purchasing outside music.

Appearances in Miami Vice

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