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"Bonzo" Barry Gold


Distributor of stolen goods for John Costelada
Incarcarated, distribution of stolen property
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"Bonzo" Barry Gold (born 1954) owns five electronics specialty stores in the Miami area, uses outlandish commercials, and serves as distributor for John Costelada, who works in stolen goods. Noogie Lamont and Izzy Moreno stopped by with loads of monitors, VCRs, CD players, and other electronic items trying to get Barry to hook them up with Costelada (since Switek and Zito were "made" by Barry previously), and provided the warehouse address as proof of their intentions. When Switek & Zito are ordered to pull the informants off the case, their supplies went with them, but Barry was offered a replacement--a cement truck, which Noogman and Izzy stole from a construction site, later Barry thought they were cops and took them to Costelada, who then threatened to kill all of them, including Barry, until Switek and Zito showed up to stop them, but by then Izzy & Noogman had Costelada at gunpoint.